Groovy Louis - Deeper Shades of Soul vol.1

Enjoy a relaxing soulful deep dope collection of fine tunes. Great to warm-up your Saturdaynight. Chilling on a couch just before sum splendid beatful event will start off, turn it up!

Listen ► Deeper Shades of Soul vol.1

Groovy Louis - Amsterdam Dance Event Sampler 2013

Enjoy some of my favorits expected to played at the world's biggest club festival! Deep techy house sounds and steamy beats is what your woofers sound like...

Listen ► Amsterdam Dance Event Sampler 2013

Groovy Louis - SUB Communication vol.4

A steamy set of sexy Deep & Tech House

Listen ► SUB Communication vol.4

Groovy Louis - SUB Communication vol.3

SUB Communication vol.3 | 20130915 by Groovy Louis on Mixcloud

Enjoy the lazy sundaze sound of Sub Communication vol. 3. Lazy background beats, the sound of soul and uplifting elements. The perfect laid back contribution to Real House Music.

Listen ► SUB Communication vol.3

Groovy Louis - SUB Communication vol.2

SUB Communication vol.2 | 20130810 by Groovy Louis on Mixcloud

This one is a true festival edition. Some classics, some bangers. Tickle the woofers 'n turn it up loud for the dope sound of Groovy Louis. Rude boys, pretty girls, sunshine, one love!

Listen ► SUB Communication vol.2

DJ Groovy Louis

Started DJ'ing at the end of the 80's and got hooked up to electronic dance music. Known under the name of DJ Groovy Louis. Main gigs where held at Utrecht's "Club Risk @ Winkel van Sinkel" in the 2001-2003 period. Nowadays still performing every now and then. Not for the money, just for the love of House Music!

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louis_jansen @albertheijn dank u, ook voor de knipoog. Ik zou er bijna brood van gaan kopen bij jullie #warmebakker #ondernemers
louis_jansen Waar smaakt een passiebrood eigenlijk naar @albertheijn? #tvreclame
louis_jansen @SanderVroom clear tnx voor de input!
louis_jansen @SanderVroom nice tnx € 50 is psychisch ook wel lekker bedrag volgens mij, los van wat erin zit :-)

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